Nerdcore auf Twitter

25. Juli 2019 10:45 | #Interna

Ich habe mir für dieses Blog wieder einen Twitter-Account angeschafft. Ich werde dort nicht mehr aktiv sein, aber der Feed der Website läuft dort automatisch rein. Ich habe auch einen privaten Account eröffnet, mit dem ich einigen Leuten folgen will, deren Arbeit ich für das Blog verfolgen möchte. Ich werde dort allerdings nur sporadisch posten. Kommentare zu diesem Posting sind aus guten Gründen geschlossen, Erwähnungen der Ereignisse 2018 werden kommentarlos gelöscht und geblockt.

Musicvideos_Amyl and the Sniffers Klangstof Algiers

17. Januar 2020 18:50 | #Musik #Musikvideos

Amyl and the Sniffers – Gacked on Anger

Klangstof ft. LUWTEN – Phantoms

Algiers – We Can’t Be Found

The Muppets in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

17. Januar 2020 14:56 | #Drogen #Fun #The Muppets


We were somewhere east of Fraggle Rock when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “I feel a bit light-headed, Miss Piggy. Maybe you should drive.” And suddenly there was a terrible sound around us, and the sky was full of what looked like alien squids going, “Yip yip yip! Uh-huh. Uh-huh,” swooping all around the car, which was going 100 miles per hour with the top down to Las Vegas. And a voice was screaming, “Holy Jesus! What are these fucking puppets?” […]

It was almost noon and we had more than 100 miles to go. My editor had given me $300 cash, most of which was already spent on extremely dangerous puppeteering supplies. We had two bags of grass (the cellophane kind they put in Easter baskets, green); 75 pellets stuffed with stuffing (cotton, unbleached); six packages of jumbo pipe cleaners (multi-colored); and a salt shaker full of glitter cocaine (holographic).

The Internet of Beefs: Eine Konflikttheorie der Multiplayer Online Battle Arena formerly known as The Web

17. Januar 2020 14:32 | #Social Media #synch

„We are beefing because we no longer know who we are, each of us individually, and collectively as a species.“

Venkatesh Rao mit einer neuen Konflikttheorie der Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, die er als „Internet of Beef“ bezeichnet und in dem sich Armeen aus „Mooks“ („Wicht“) in die Kulturkämpfe ihrer Netzwerke stürzen, die sich selbst organisieren und in denen sich semi-aristokratische, harsche Hierarchien ausgebildet haben und der „Wicht“ möchte in der Hierarchie seines Netzwerks natürlich ganz nach oben und benutzt dafür die schärfeste und verletzendste Sprache, um seinen Gegner (meist ein anderer „Wicht“) wortwörtlich zu vernichten („Delete your account“ etc.) Und die Mooks bilden durch ihre schiere Masse einen Markt, mit dem die sogenannten „Knights“ (also Wortführer bis hin zu Politikern und Prominenten) Aufmerksamkeit aus diesem „Empörungskapital“ abschöpfen, das von den „Mooks“ erzeugt wird.

Das Internet of Beefs ist laut Rao ein selbsterhaltendes System, dessen einziges Ziel es ist, Konflikte zu erzeugen, da diese Konflikte die einzige wirklich sinnstiftenden Interaktionen innerhalb des Netzwerks darstellen. Das Internet wird so laut Rao zu einem Netz endloser Konflikte, die aus reinem Selbstzweck geführt und nie aufgelöst werden, eine unendliche Shitshow formerly known as The Internet und ihre konflikt-erzeugende Empörungsökonomie.

Ribbonfarm: The Internet of Beefs

The Internet of Beefs, or IoB, is everywhere, on all platforms, all the time. Meatspace is just a source of matériel to be deployed online, possibly after some tasteful editing, decontextualization, and now AI-assisted manipulation. […] Conflict on the IoB is not governed by any sort of grand strategy, or even particularly governed by ideological doctrines. It is an unflattened Hobbesian honor-society conflict with a feudal structure, at the heart of which is an involuntarily anonymous, fungible, angry figure desperate to be seen as significant: the mook.

The semantic structure of the Internet of Beefs is shaped by high-profile beefs between charismatic celebrity knights loosely affiliated with various citadel-like strongholds peopled by opt-in armies of mooks. The vast majority of the energy of the conflict lies in interchangeable mooks facing off against each other, loosely along lines indicated by the knights they follow, in innumerable battles that play out every minute across the IoB.

Almost none of these battles matter individually. Most mook-on-mook contests are witnessed, for the most part, only by a few friends and algorithms, and merit no overt notice in either Vox or Quillette. Beyond a local uptick in cortisol levels, individual episodes of mook-on-mook violence are of no consequence. In aggregate though, they matter. A lot. They are the raison d’être of the IoB. […]

In a real conflict, you would seek an overwhelming advantage, and ideally, to win without firing a shot, at no cost. On the IoB, knights seek balanced matches, actual fighting, and no outcome, at the highest cost possible. You cannot predict the course of a culture war by trying to understand it as a military conflict. You can only predict it by trying to understand it as the deliberate perpetuation of a culture of conflict by those with an interest in keeping it alive. […]

The IoB is, at its core, a vast zone of wartime fan fiction generated by copypasta mooks LARPing knightly patterns of conflict, and attempting to write themselves into the end of history as heroic Mary Sues, one meme at a time.

Musicvideos_Dan Deacon Okay Kaya The Homesick Too Free LA Priest Michel van der Aa Son Little Lauren Auder Real Estate Fighter

16. Januar 2020 18:58 | #Musik #Musikvideos

Okay Kaya – Psych Ward

Dan Deacon – Become a Mountain

The Homesick – Male Bonding

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Musicvideos_Bombay Bicycle Club Ultraísta Anna Burch Tennis Khruangbin & Leon Bridges Andy Shauf US Girls Nathaniel Rateliff Devon Gilfillian Gareth JS Thomas

16. Januar 2020 18:57 | #Musik #Musikvideos

Anna Burch – Not So Bad

Ultraísta – Tin King

Gareth JS Thomas – Hyphen British

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Musicvideos_Emily Yacina Vundabar TORRES Soccer Mommy Spinning Coin Moaning Kirin J Callinan Polly Money Lauren Auder Terrell Hines THICK

16. Januar 2020 18:55 | #Musik #Musikvideos

Emily Yacina – Stephanie

Vundabar – Burned Off

TORRES – Dressing America

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Snowpiercer – Neuer Trailer

16. Januar 2020 16:05 |

Neuer Trailer zur im Frühjahr erscheinenden Serienverfilmung von Snowpiercer:

Hier nochmal der Zweiminutentrailer von vor nem halben Jahr: Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

[Das Geile Neue Internet 3-1-20] Taylor Fang über das Internet als psychosoziales Baukastensystem; Liu Cixins Wandering Earth und die junge Rechte in China; tödliche Impfgegnerkampagnen in Pakistan

Vor Weihnachten hatten Twitter und Facebook ein Netzwerk auf Fake-Accounts hochgenommen, die insgesamt einen Reach von 55 Millionen Accounts hatten. Es ging um „610 Facebook accounts, 89 Facebook Pages, 156 Groups and 72 Instagram accounts“, die mit StyleGAN erzeugte Profil-Pics aufwiesen („This person do not exist“ und so weiter). Mehr zur Analyse der Profile-Pics hier: Fake Faces: People Who Do Not Exist Invade Facebook To Influence 2020 Elections.

Das Netzwerk kam von der Epoch Media Group, einem Netzwerk von Pro-Trump-Medien mit dem Background der chinesischen Sekte Falun Gong. Hier der ganze Report: #OperationFFS: Fake Face Swarm – Facebook Takes Down Network Tied to Epoch Media Group That Used Mass AI-Generated Profiles.

Sehr guter Aufsatz der Schülerin Taylor Fang bei Technology Review über das Internet als psychosoziales Baukastensystem, in dem wir unterschiedliche Identitäten erschaffen, den verschiedenen Facetten unserer Persönlichkeit Ausdruck verleihen und mit den von uns gespielten sozialen Rollen jonglieren.

Teenagers are disparaged for not being “present.” Yet we find visibility in technology. Our selfies aren’t just pictures; they represent our ideas of self. Only through “reimagining” the selfie as a meaningful mode of self-representation can adults understand how and why teenagers use social media. To “reimagine” is the first step toward beginning to listen to teenagers’ voices.

Meaning—scary as it sounds—we have to start actually listening to the scruffy video-game-­hoarding teenage boys stuck in their basements. Because our search for creative self isn’t so different from previous generations’. To grow up with technology, as my generation has, is to constantly question the self, to split into multiplicities, to try to contain our own contradictions. In “Song of Myself,” Walt Whitman famously said that he contradicted himself. The self, he said, is large, and contains multitudes. But what is contemporary technology if not a mechanism for the containment of multitudes?

Anti-Fascists Are Waging a Cyber War — And They’re Winning – Inside the world of antifa researchers as they build an online army to battle far-right extremism: “When the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting happened, the second [the killer’s] name hit the news, I almost threw up,” Molly Conger recalled. “I remember thinking, ‘I’ve read his posts, under his real name, and I just moved on. You can’t tell the difference between shitposting trolls and mass murderers. They all talk the same.”

Killer content: disinformation campaign derails Pakistan’s national anti-polio drive – Misleading videos online provoked mass hysteria and attacks on health workers: The Express Tribune reported that the mass hysteria created by the campaign led to over 908,381 families refusing to vaccinate against polio. […]

Liu Cixins Wandering Earth und die junge Rechte in China: Wandering Earth: A Magic Mirror Reflecting the Monstrosity of the Prometheans and Young Cyber-Nationalists.

Yup: Digital connectivity has turned the “social factory” into a global battlefield: cyberwar increasingly takes the form of precisely targeted psychological warfare. The aim is not merely to deliver specific messages to manipulate specific individuals but also to create an increasingly paranoid enclosure in which no one knows what is going on around them. Dyer-Witheford and Matviyenko call this the “veritable fog machine” of digital war. Because of how capital has woven digital networks into everyday life, this fog can engulf any aspect of society or the economy and transform it into a battlefield.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

ContraPoints on Canceling

3. Januar 2020 12:14 | #Empörung #Empörungsmemetik #synch

Die großartige Natalie Wynn in einem langen 100 Minuten-Video über Canceling-Culture und die Unterschiede zu Kritik: Canceling arbeitet mit 3 Levels: 1.) Aus einem konkreten Fehlverhalten (X did Y, Level 1) wird ein allgemeines Fehlverhalten (X always does Y, Abstraktion auf Level 2) und die wiederum als ad hominem angriff (X is Y, Level 3) konstruiert. Kritik hätte bei Level 1 eingesetzt und möglicherweise Level 2 eingebunden, that’s it, der Rest ist Bullying.

From the comments:

„I’m a non-binary trans woman and I was cancelled 7 years ago by my local leftist activist community. I had a lot of suicidal thoughts as the way literally everyone I knew and depended on as my community turned on me. It’s really hard to not have your thoughts race with anxiety in that situation. I believed I was the horrible human being they said I was. I didn’t even know first-hand what anyone said. I only heard third-hand rumors. To see this manifest in online spaces now I know what the consequences are and it may be a long time before people figure out that cancel culture is toxic bullying.“

Interessante Stelle, aus dem Video bei 1:11h:

Jesus Christ, the situation here is that any citizen who defends me or even associates with me in any way will be labeled a Transfer. Any binary trans person who associates with me will be branded a MP Phobe and any non-binary people who associate with me will be ostracized from their own community. So in the Internet, I find myself increasingly alone. I’m isolated by the harassment and that is ultimately the point.

Was Natalie hier beschreibt, nannte ich vor drei Jahren in Vorträgen die Erfüllung der Postmoderne durch das Netz, in der jedes Wort zur Waffe wird, da wir durch die Hypersichtbarkeit jede erdenkliche Diskriminierungssituation erzeugen: irgendjemand fühlt sich immer angegriffen, manchmal zurecht, manchmal nicht, je nachdem wie die Sprache ausgelegt wird oder gemeint ist und ob das eine Rolle spielt oder nicht. Für den einen ist das Wort “blau” antagonistisch, für den anderen “rot”, zusammen erzeugen wir einen Raum in dem man nicht mehr über Farben reden kann, ohne dass sich jemand angegriffen fühlt. Das multiplizieren wir mit 4 Millarden Usern und addieren Dekontextualisierung und die Editierungsmöglichkeiten des Digitalen: Die ultimative Dekonstruktion der Sprache.

Syd Mead R.I.P.

31. Dezember 2019 13:05 | #Film #Futurismus #Illustration #RIP #Syd Mead

„Visual Futurist“ Syd Mead ist im Alter von 86 Jahren gestorben. Der Mann hatte mit seinen Illustrationen in den 50er bis 70er Jahren ganze Generationen von Concept-Artists beeinflusst und Konzeptzeichnungen für hunderte Science-Fiction-Klassiker kreiert. Syd Meads Vehicle-Designs für Blade Runner, Star Trek, Alien und Tron waren stilprägend für das gesamte Genre und seine futuristischen Architektur-Zeichnungen in mondänen Settings wurden zum ästhetischen Industrie-Standard für Illustratoren weltweit.

Wir haben heute nichts weniger als eine Legende verloren. Mach’s gut, Syd, und danke für die ganzen Retrofutures. Das Berliner O&O Depot zeigt noch bis zum 16. Januar die Ausstellung Future Cities mit ausgewählten Arbeiten von Syd Mead, eine der besten Sammlungen von HighRes-Artworks von Syd Mead findet man im Flickr-Feed von James Vaughan.

Hollywood Reporter: Syd Mead, Visionary Conceptual Artist Behind ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Tron’, Dies at 86

Mead attended the Art Center School in Los Angeles, now the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, graduating in 1959. Mead went on to design cars at the Ford Motor Co.’s “Advanced Styling Studio” for two years before he struck out on his own as a freelance illustrator for companies including Atlas Cement, U.S. Steel and Allis Chalmers. Given the success of his venture, he formed Syd Mead Inc. and from the 1970s through the 1980s worked for Philips Electronics and created architectural renderings for companies including Intercontinental Hotels and Don Ghia.

After his work caught the eye of Hollywood studios, Mead went to produce conceptual artwork and other products on films including 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 1982’s Blade Runner, where he first gained the credit “visual futurist” (a name he coined to describe his position), 1982’s Tron, 1986’s Aliens, 1984’s Timecop, 2000’s Mission to Mars, 2006’s Mission: Impossible III, 2013’s Elysium, 2015’s Tomorrowland and 2017’s Blade Runner 2049.

In the 1980s, Mead worked for Japanese companies including Sony and Honda and designed for two Japanese films, The New Yamato and Crises 2050.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Jenny Nicholson DESTROYS every bit of stupid in The Rise of Skywalker

30. Dezember 2019 12:56 | #Film #Fun #Star Wars

What the world needs at the end of this year is one hour of the wonderful Jenny Nicholson DESTROYING every bit of stupid in The Rise of Skywalker: Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Cats as medieval Cat-Paintings

25. Dezember 2019 14:17 | #Film #Fun #Katzen

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tweets of greatness by Emma Tolkien: THE CAST OF “CATS” AS MEDIEVAL CAT PAINTINGS: A THREAD.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

[Trailerfest 23.12.19] STRANGER THINGS Pinball / Twin Peaks VR-Game / The Gentlemen / Half in the Bag: The 70-Minute Rise of Skywalker Review

23. Dezember 2019 21:57 | #Film #Trailer

Neue Trailer zum kommenden Stranger Thing Pinball und zum Twin Peaks VR-Game, zum Guy Ritchie-Actioner The Gentlemen sowie als Bonustrack 1 Stunde Rise of Skywalker-Dekonstruktion mit Red Letter Media: Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Macho Man Randy Savage top-rope elbow dropping Jesus

23. Dezember 2019 13:29 | #Fun

Ben Collins: „ is a post-capitalist nightmare, but at least it sometimes algorithmically targets you with the Macho Man Randy Savage top-rope elbow dropping Jesus just in time for the holidays.“ –> Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Chinesische Gangs erpressen Bauern mit Schweinegrippe-Dronen

22. Dezember 2019 16:35 | #China #Drohnen #Gesundheit #Kriminalität

In China grasiert derzeit die Schweinegrippe und nun werden Schweinebauern von Gangs mit der Verbreitung der Viren erpresst, die mit kontaminierten Futter aus Dronen abgeworfen werden. Eine Farm hatte Signal-Jammer als Anti-Dronen-Maßnahme installiert und damit den Funkverkehr der Flugzeuge gestört. Schweinegrippe-Dronen, Alter! Das Jahr kann dann mal so langsam zu Ende gehen, finde ich. Cyberdystopia is now. // Ben Westcott

Chinese criminal gangs spreading African swine fever to force farmers to sell pigs cheaply so they can profit [South China Morning Post]

Chinese criminals have been exploiting the country’s African swine fever crisis by intentionally spreading the disease to force farmers to sell their pigs for a low price before smuggling the meat and selling it on as healthy stock, state media has reported.

Sometimes the gangs spread rumours about the virus, which is fatal to pigs, but in more extreme cases they are using drones to drop infected items into farms, according to an investigation by the magazine China Comment, which is affiliated to state news agency Xinhua. The disease has reduced the country’s pig herds by over 40 per cent because of mass culls designed to stop it spreading further.

China flight systems jammed by pig farm’s African swine fever defences [South China Morning Post]

A Chinese pig farm’s attempt to ward off drones – said to be spreading African swine fever – jammed the navigation systems of a number of planes flying overhead. The farm, in northeastern China, was ordered last month to turn in an unauthorised anti-drone device installed to prevent criminal gangs dropping items infected with the disease, according to online news portal

Original-Garfields for sale

22. Dezember 2019 14:49 | #Comics #Garfield #Illustration

Jim Davies verkauft über 11.000 Original Garfield-Zeichnungen aus den Jahren 1978-2011. Heritage Auctions bietet seit Sommer jede Woche ein paar der Comics aus der Garfield-Goldgrube an, die Auktion der gesammelten Garfield-Zeichnungen dürfte sich noch ein paar Jahre lang hinziehen. Unten ein paar meiner Favorites feat. Passermarken, Scribbles und TippEx.

AP: 30-plus years of ‘Garfield’ comic strips to sell at auction // Nag

Indiana-based Davis says that over the years he gave some strips to family, friends and staff, while others are on displays at museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, and he even tried selling them on his website for a few years. But he kept most of them, he says, storing them in a fireproof, climate-controlled vault.

The auction, he said, “was just a logical thing to do with an awful lot of comic strips and an opportunity to allow not just collectors but a lot of the fans over the years to have access to the strips as well without me having to send them out one at a time.”

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

[Klimalinks 22.12.2019] Studie über Green New Deals in 143 Ländern; in Australien fallen Kakadus tot von den Bäumen; Regenwald-Kipppunkte nahezu erreicht

22. Dezember 2019 13:55 | #Klimawandel #Politik #Wirtschaft

🌎 Towards a Global Green New Deal: Eine neue Studie hat Green New Deal-Roadmaps für 143 Staaten erarbeitet und ausgerechnet, welche Ersparnisse im Energiesektor unter Voraussetzung von Stabilität des Stromnetzes möglich sind. Und das sind eine ganze Menge:

One Earth: Impacts of Green New Deal Energy Plans on Grid Stability, Costs, Jobs, Health, and Climate in 143 Countries

Kritik an den Plänen bei Earther: Could We Have a Global Green New Deal? Jacbonson’s work has come under fire in the past for being too aggressively optimistic, particularly the idea that the world can eschew nuclear power and still limit warming to within 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) of pre-industrial levels.

The Earth is approaching 1.5°C global warming, air pollution kills over 7 million people yearly, and limited fossil fuel resources portend social instability. Rapid solutions are needed. We provide Green New Deal roadmaps for all three problems for 143 countries, representing 99.7% of world’s CO2 emissions. The roadmaps call for countries to move all energy to 100% clean, renewable wind-water-solar (WWS) energy, efficiency, and storage no later than 2050 with at least 80% by 2030. We find that countries and regions avoid blackouts despite WWS variability. Worldwide, WWS reduces energy needs by 57.1%, energy costs from $17.7 to $6.8 trillion/year (61%), and social (private plus health plus climate) costs from $76.1 to $6.8 trillion/year (91%) at a capital cost of ∼$73 trillion. WWS creates 28.6 million more long-term, full-time jobs than are lost and needs only 0.17% and 0.48% of land for footprint and space, respectively. Thus, WWS needs less energy, costs less, and creates more jobs than current energy.

👧 I’m the 13-year-old police threatened to arrest at the Kirribilli House protest. This is why I did it: My name is Izzy Raj-Seppings, and I dragged my dad on a one-hour bus trip on the hottest day of the summer to demand Scott Morrison act on climate change because I’m tired of watching my future burn before my eyes

👩 Russian climate activist inspired by Thunberg is jailed: Arshak Makichyan had held a solo demonstration in Moscow for over 40 weeks before arrest

💥 Top scientists warn of an Amazon ‘tipping point’:

Deforestation and other fast-moving changes in the Amazon threaten to turn parts of the rainforest into savanna, devastate wildlife and release billions of tons carbon into the atmosphere, two renowned experts warned Friday. […] The tipping point is here, it is now.

Combined with recent news that the thawing Arctic permafrost may be beginning to fill the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, and that Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at an accelerating pace, it’s the latest hint that important parts of the climate system may be moving toward irreversible changes at a pace that defies earlier predictions.

The speed of the transformation in some key systems, such as Greenland’s ice and the Arctic’s permafrost, has “indeed been underestimated by climate science,” said Stefan Rahmstorf, the head of Earth system analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. “And that’s partly because we cannot really capture them well in our models.”

👉 Özden Terli, Stefan Rahmstorf und Volker Quaschning sprechen Klartext zur Klimakrise [und zu genau diesen Kipppunkten].

💧 Ein weiterer kleiner Schritt in die Mad Max-Zukunft: Water Thieves Steal 80,000 Gallons in Australia as Our Mad Max-Style Future Becomes Reality.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Kugelschreiber-Illu von Hunter S. Thompson auf alten Fear and Loathing-Büchern

Mark Powell mit einer neuen Hunter S. Thompson-Kugelschreiber-Illu auf alten Ausgaben seines legendären Acid-Trips Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, im Mai hatte ich seine erste Fear and Loathing-Hunter-Illu gebloggt. Dazu wunderbare Zeichnungen von Hendrix, Bowie, Dylan und Keith Harring.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

[Links 22.12.2019] Das AI-Ministerium für verdächtige Gangarten; Cloud-controlled Etch-a-Sketch; Richie Hawtins new App for interactive Concert-Movies

22. Dezember 2019 12:49 | #Links

[Das AI-Ministerium für verdächtige Gangarten] presents a data-driven deep neural algorithm for detecting deceptive walking behavior using nonverbal cues like gaits and gestures.

Das erste Cloud-gesteuerte Etch-a-Sketch ist nicht online, weil Internet: Escher — The world’s first cloud-controlled Etch-a-Sketch

Richie Hawtins neue App zu seinem neuen DJ-Mix-Album/Konzertfilm Closer Combined, mit der man mit Audiospuren und Visuals rumspielen kann. The Verge: „Inside the app, you can flip layers of audio on and off to hear individual elements, while switching between a multitude of camera angles to see how it all comes together. For any given performance, two people could see and hear entirely different things.“

We are programmed to be lazy. Faulheit ist evolutionär in uns angelegt und sie ist eine Strategie, um Energie zu speichern. Hätten sie ja auch mich fragen können, ich weiß das seit immer.

The Oldest Forest in the World Has Been Discovered in a New York Quarry: The fossilized roots, which date 386 million years, shed light on Earth’s first forests and the enormous effect they had on global climate and ecology.

Scott Alexander ruft seit 2018 die Adversarial Collaboration Challenge aus, in der 2 Menschen mit jeweils gegenteiligen Haltungen den wissenschaftlichen und diskursiven Stand der Debatte erarbeiten und in einem Artikel aufschreiben. Schöne Übung für Debattenkultur im 21. Jahrhundert. 2019er Beiträge, die mich interessieren: SHOULD WE COLONIZE SPACE TO MITIGATE X-RISK? / SHOULD GENE EDITING TECHNOLOGIES BE USED IN HUMANS? / IS EATING MEAT A NET HARM?

TS: TERMINATORS: Several T-800 are sent back in time by Skynet. But their mission is scrambled by John Connor. And now they are all targeting each other! (Vimeo, Video unten)

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

2020 = 303 + 808 + 909

22. Dezember 2019 11:09 | #2020 #Fun #Techno

2020 = 303 + 808 + 909. The year of Techno is upon us. UMZ-UMZ-UMZ. Am 3. März haben wir dann den 3.03.303+808+909, am 8.August den 8.08.303+808+909 und am 9. September den 9.09.303+808+909, die Monate werden dann hoffentlich mit jeweils Acid, Electro und Brettern gefeiert. // CDM