Vortex Count - Metthb

vortex count - plasmodesma
[2018] [detroit underground DU]

Visuals are by Kesson Dalef [metthb]


Plasmodesma (Pd) are units of co-axial membranous channels in the plant cell wall that in conjunction with associated phloem, form an intercellular communication network that supports the cell-to-cell and long-distance, providing a wide pathway spectrum of nutrients as endogenous proteins and complexes. The contribute of such macromolecules is of importance in the orchestration of non-cell autonomous developmental and physiological processes.

In abstract terms, Plasmodesma represents an structure that allows the flow of different facts on each person daily life which provides essential nutrients, as hope, well being, sensation of peace an calmness .. esentially, parameters to convert negative situations into a positive situations, all under a dark threat context that life brings us on each moment.

In Plasmodesma you will find mechanical rhythms, hypnotizing glitches and deep slow evolving textures, projected with a final purpose to represent the procedure.

Dedicated to Jone and Eva [ plasmodesma 1 | 2 ]

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