10. Mai 2018

Commodore Woodpet

Love Hultèn (vorher: Retro Arcade-Mod, portable Arcade/Mame-Machine, Fractal Explorer in a wooden Box) hat den Ur-Commodore in Holz nachgebaut.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utxJg13-yEMThe PET 2001 was released by Commodore in 1977 and was the first all-in-one home computer model to hit the market. PET De Lux is a luxurious one-off-a-kind tribute to that computer, handmade from American walnut. And while overall superficialities are kept true to its original heritage(chiclet… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

A Hahaha-Person in a LOL-World

Mike Primavera schreibt morgens gerne Writing-Warmups und postet sie auf Twitter. Viel Gold dabei, hier ein paar Favs:- In this age of internet, with unlimited information right at your… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Balloon Marie Antoinette

Von Sasha Frolova, eine aufblasbare Marie Antionette mit Bloon-Barock. Ist zwar nur irgendwas mit Fashion, geht aber trotzdem. (via JWZ)Artist and performer Sasha Frolova is known for… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Breaking Habbits: Doc about Ganja-Nuns

Die Doku Breaking Habbits über Gras rauchende und Marijuana anbauende Nonnen in Kalifornien feierte grade Premiere in Cannes, hier der Trailer frisch aus… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Functional Pinball made from Classic Space Lego

Frau Bre Burns hat einen funktionierenden Flipper aus 15000 Classic Space Lego-Steinen gebastelt, inklusive eigenen Interpretationen der alten Sets, reaktiven Mindstorms-PewPew-Bricks und… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Here are the Russian-made Facebook ads that tried to shake American politics

„On Thursday morning, the House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released a vast trove of thousands of Russian-bought Facebook and Instagram ads designed to sow doubt among the American population in the run-up to the November 2016 presidential election.“

Rick And Morty gets massive 70-Episode Renewal

Thats a lot of Rick & Morty to binge: Rick and Morty kriegt nicht nur 'ne vierte Staffel, sondern eine 70-Folgen-Verlängerung auf zwei oder Drei Staffeln über die nächsten paar Jahre. Und es freut mich über alle Maßen, dass Dan Harmon nach dem künstlerisch zwar wertvollen, aber von Businessdeppen vollkommen zerstörten Community-Debakel nochmal so einen richtig fetten dicken Hit landet. Kudos!

Rick and Morty is getting a fourth season. And a lot more than that. Adult Swim has ordered a staggering 70 new episodes of the popular animated series as part of a new long-term deal with the show’s creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. That is more episodes than Rick and Morty‘s first three seasons combined (31 episodes).

The massive pickup, rarely seen these days, underscore Rick and Morty‘s outsized success. Its most recent Season 3 finale delivered Adult Swim’s highest ratings in history and helped the show claim the title of #1 comedy across all of television for 2017 with millennials.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people

LOL. Mehr fällt mir dazu nicht mehr ein: „A Pride event in Glasgow has banned drag queens from performing, after committee members decided acts could offend trans people.“

AI will spell the end of capitalism

AI may eat superficial critiques of socialism, weil AI anscheinend das primäre Konzept der „Vorhersage“ technologisch ersetzen kann, in Ökonomen-Speak formuliert: AI kann „supplant the imperfections of 'the invisible hand'“.

Das Konzept der „Vorhersage von X“ geht natürlich weiter, als die „Unsichtbare Hand“ und ist grade im Kontext von Wahrnehmung und Psychologie grundlegend.

If AI remains under the control of market forces, it will inexorably result in a super-rich oligopoly of data billionaires who reap the wealth created by robots that displace human labor, leaving massive unemployment in their wake.

But China’s socialist market economy could provide a solution to this. If AI rationally allocates resources through big data analysis, and if robust feedback loops can supplant the imperfections of “the invisible hand” while fairly sharing the vast wealth it creates, a planned economy that actually works could at last be achievable. […]

Marx’s dictum, “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs,” needs an update for the 21st century: “From the inability of an AI economy to provide jobs and a living wage for all, to each according to their needs.”