28. Oktober 2018

Links: Psychedelic Type Specimen, AI and Optical Illusions, AI-Art-Sale and Dolphin Language drowned in Noise

🌀 Psychedelitypes⛵️ Shipwreck found in Black Sea is 'world's oldest intact': „A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years has been found lying on its side off the Bulgarian coast. The 23m (75ft) wreck, found in the Black Sea by an Anglo-Bulgarian team, is being hailed as officially the world's oldest known intact shipwreck. The researchers were stunned to find the merchant vessel closely resembled in design a ship that decorated ancient Greek wine vases.“🐬… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Wall of Teeth

Bauarbeiter haben bei Abrissarbeiten eine Wand voller Zähne gefunden: 1,000 human teeth found inside wall. Die ersten Mieter des Gebäudes waren Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts Zahnärzte und haben die kaputten Hauern ihrer Patienten offenbar als Dämm-Material benutzt, weil why not.

Man hatte in der Vergangenheit bereits Wände voller Zähne in zwei weiteren alten Zahnarzt-Praxen in den USA gefunden, anscheinend war „Zähne als Baumaterial“ noch bis vor kurzem Business as usual. Raschelt dann wahrscheinlich auch mit 'nem sehr speziellen Sound in so alten Zahnarzt-Häusern, wenn die Mäuse nachts über das alte Kaugerät in den Wänden huschen. Könnte direkt aus 'ner Edgar Allan Poe-Story stammen.

The Valdosta Daily Times reports a construction crew preparing a commercial space in downtown Valdosta found about a thousand teeth inside a second-floor wall. Historical Society researcher Harry Evans says the building was constructed in 1900, and its first tenant was a dentist named Clarence Whittington. He says it later housed another dentist named Lester G. Youmans until at least 1930.

Main Street Director Ellen Hill says teeth also have been found in the walls of former dentist offices in Greensboro and Carrolton. "I'm not sure if it was a common practice between dentists at that time, but it's very strange that there were two other people that said, 'Hey, we've had that happen, too,'" she said.

Shitloads of Teeth on Nerdcore:
Don’t click on a something that says „A Jar full of Dentures“ and then complain because you saw a a Jar full of Dentures.
Don’t click on a something that says „A Bucket full of Teeth“ and then complain because you saw a a Bucket full of Teeth.