15. Dezember 2018

Leon der Profi x Super Mario-Toy

Großartiges Mashup-Toy von Fools Paradise für lächerliche 300 Dollar. Gibt's auch in Glow In The Dark- und Princess Peach-Varianten, die sind allerdings bereits ausverkauft. Bonustrack: Clockwork Orange… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Klimalinks: Technofossils, Solarpunk reviewed, Laserscanning Forests from Space 🌿

🌎 Die NASA hat ihre GEDI Mission gestartet, die die Wälder der Erde vermessen und Karbon-Emissionen ihrer Abholzung tracken soll: NASA’s GEDI Mission Will Track Carbon Emissions in… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

The grand unified Theory of Food Identification

First, we asked: are hot dogs sandwiches? [nope, they are tacos]. Then came the grand unified theory of food identification: The Cube Rule of Food. And now, because „defining sandwiches isn't… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

Buchstabenliteratursuppe zur Entschärfung gefährlicher Zitate

Die Verwertungsgesellschaft (Oliver Hess und Martin Droschke) macht Kunst aus Buchstabensuppe. Für drölf Euro erhält man Pasta-Baukastensysteme für Literaturklassiker und… Gib mir den Rest, Baby!

In case of Public Shaming: Bend over and take it, there is nothing you can do

Guter Essay von Helen Andrews, die 2010 von ihrem Ex-Freund im Fernsehen öffentlich zur Sau gemacht wurde und dann einem der ersten „Public Shamings“ in Social Media ausgesetzt war, wovon sie sich bis heute nicht wirklich erholt hat. Sie hat mittlerweile gelernt, mit der Erfahrung umzugehen und den Empörungs-„Tsunami“ als neue Realität unserer Zeit hinzunehmen.

Der Text ist vor allem interessant, weil er die fadenscheinigen Ausreden der Mobber nicht hinnimmt und die angebliche Empörung als das bezeichnet, was sie ist: Die sadistische Lust an der Erniedrigung des angeblichen Gegners und diese Lust, so meine Behauptung seit Jahren, wird online aus tausend Gründen gesteigert. Ich mag auch ihre Nutzung von #MeeToo als Verb: „MeToo’d out of his job“ und von Guardians Outrage-Feministin Valenti bis Moira „Shitty Media Men“ Donegan kriegen alle ihr Fett weg und zwar völlig zurecht. Mir fehlt in dem Stück zwar die Abrechnung mit rechter Lust an Online-Erniedrigung, die nun kein Stück aufrichtiger ist und sich meines Erachtens noch hinterfotzigerer Methoden bedient, aber man nimmt, was man kriegt.

Guter, leider notwendiger Text: SHAME STORM by Helen Andrews (Hervorhebungen von mir).

There is a celebrity fashion blog called Go Fug Yourself that specializes—or specialized back in 2011, the one and only time I visited the site—in unflattering paparazzi shots and red carpet disasters. The odd thing about Go Fug Yourself, I discovered, was that all its nastiest posts featured the same tic. After unloading whatever brutal snark she had for Jennifer Lawrence or whomever, the writer would always include the same disclaimer: A celebrity has one job, and that’s to look glamorous, so if you can’t manage the one thing you owe us in exchange for all the money and fame, then find another line of work, and until then lay off the cheeseburgers and hire a decent stylist. This dime-store Joan Rivers can’t think she’s fooling anyone, I thought as I scrolled through the archives to see if every post really included this lame moral alibi. Her motivation has nothing to do with celebrities falling short of their duty to the public. She’s making fun of ugliness for the same reason anyone does: It stimulates our lizard brains.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…


#latestagecapitalism: „Money rained down on a New Jersey highway Thursday morning, leading to several crashes as motorists stopped and scrambled to pick up the cash.“

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

20 Protoplanetary Discs

Wissenschaftler des „Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array“ (ALMA)-Observatorium in Chile haben die erste hochaufgelöste Bild-Studie von 20 protoplanetaren Scheiben veröffentlicht und ich will das Teil als Poster. Wer bastelt eine Infografik daraus mit Angaben, wann sich diese protoplanetaren Scheiben in Sonnensysteme verwandeln und wann diese wiederum zu Schwarzen Löchern werden? (via MeFi)

The leading models for planet formation hold that planets are born by the gradual accumulation of dust and gas inside a protoplanetary disk, beginning with grains of icy dust that coalesce to form larger and larger rocks, until asteroids, planetesimals, and planets emerge. This hierarchical process should take many millions of years to unfold, suggesting that its impact on protoplanetary disks would be most prevalent in older, more mature systems. Mounting evidence, however, indicates that is not always the case.

ALMA’s early observations of young protoplanetary disks, some only about one million years old, reveal surprisingly well-defined structures, including prominent rings and gaps, which appear to be the hallmarks of planets. Astronomers were initially cautious to ascribe these features to the actions of planets since other natural process could be at play.

“It was surprising to see possible signatures of planet formation in the very first high-resolution images of young disks. It was important to find out whether these were anomalies or if those signatures were common in disks,” said Jane Huang, a graduate student at CfA and a member of the research team.

Brexit (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

„Everyone knows who won. Not everyone knows how.“

The result of the Brexit referendum in summer 2016 caused a political earthquake that laid waste to the normally stable British establishment and sent political tremors around the world. Cumberbatch portrays Dominic Cummings, who spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign. Rory Kinnear plays Craig Oliver, Prime Minister David Cameron’s director of communications and head of the Remain campaign.

This provocative feature-length drama goes behind the scenes, revealing the personalities, strategies and feuds of the Leave and Remain campaigns. The tactics employed by Vote Leave during the data-driven campaign swayed a historically silent voting bloc that would ultimately decide the outcome of the referendum, as well as affecting future elections around the world.

BREXIT is directed by Toby Haynes; written by James Graham; executive producers, James Graham, Juliette Howell, Tessa Ross; produced by Lynn Horsford.

BREXIT premieres January 19, 2019 on HBO.