Klimalinks: 57% Einbruch der italienischen Oliven-Ernte, Hitzewellen im Meer, das „Deep Adaption“-Paper und künstlicher Regen gegen Smog

Kiss your nice italian olive oil goodbye: Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says.

Heatwaves sweeping oceans ‘like wildfires’, scientists reveal: The number of heatwaves affecting the planet’s oceans has increased sharply, scientists have revealed, killing swathes of sea-life like “wildfires that take out huge areas of forest”.

There has been a recent push towards nuclear energy facing the climate crisis. I do know that reactor design has gone through some transformative innovations lately and that implementation mostly doesn’t happen because regulation makes it too expensive to build these new reactors. I’m not sold in any direction and this comment on reddit provides some pretty good arguments against a nuclear renaissance.

Fridays For Future ruft alle Menschen auf, sich anzuschließen: Am 15. März wird es den größten Klimastreik geben, den die Welt je gesehen hat.

Students issue an open letter ahead of global day of action on 15 March, when young people are expected to strike across 50 nations.

We, the young, are deeply concerned about our future. Humanity is currently causing the sixth mass extinction of species and the global climate system is at the brink of a catastrophic crisis. Its devastating impacts are already felt by millions of people around the globe. Yet we are far from reaching the goals of the Paris agreement.

Young people make up more than half of the global population. Our generation grew up with the climate crisis and we will have to deal with it for the rest of our lives. Despite that fact, most of us are not included in the local and global decision-making process. We are the voiceless future of humanity.

We will no longer accept this injustice. We demand justice for all past, current and future victims of the climate crisis, and so we are rising up. Thousands of us have taken to the streets in the past weeks all around the world. Now we will make our voices heard. On 15 March, we will protest on every continent.

We finally need to treat the climate crisis as a crisis. It is the biggest threat in human history and we will not accept the world’s decision-makers’ inaction that threatens our entire civilisation. We will not accept a life in fear and devastation. We have the right to live our dreams and hopes. Climate change is already happening. People did die, are dying and will die because of it, but we can and will stop this madness.

We, the young, have started to move. We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not. United we will rise until we see climate justice. We demand the world’s decision-makers take responsibility and solve this crisis.

You have failed us in the past. If you continue failing us in the future, we, the young people, will make change happen by ourselves. The youth of this world has started to move and we will not rest again.

Wallace Smith Broecker, the ‘grandfather’ of climate science, leaves a final warning for Earth: The man who popularized the term “global warming” and first described the critical role oceans play on climate had an urgent message for 40 of the world’s top climate scientists. […] It was time for humankind and the world’s scientific community to begin to seriously study more extreme solutions to the climate crisis, Broecker said. That included creating a massive solar shield in the Earth’s atmosphere, a tactic known variously as “geoengineering,” “the sulfur solution,” “solar radiation management” and the “Pinatubo Strategy.”

Die Welt wird viel schneller heiß: Wir schätzen, dass der Anstieg der Emission von Treibhausgasen sowie die Verringerung der Luftverschmutzung bis 2030 zu einer Erwärmung um 1,5 Grad Celsius führen und die Marke von 2 Grad im Jahr 2045 erreicht wird. Es könnte sogar noch schneller gehen, wenn die Luftverschmutzung noch stärker sinkt. Addieren wir die natürlichen dekadischen Fluktuationen, so erreichen wir mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von zehn Prozent eine Erwärmung um 1,5 Grad Celsius bereits im Jahr 2025. Zum Vergleich: Der IPCC gibt für die Überschreitung von 1,5 Grad Celsius Wahrscheinlichkeiten von 17 Prozent für 2030 und von 83 Prozent für 2052 an.

Fünf dringliche Öko-Debatten, die niemand führt: Von schädlicher Klimaanpassung bis zum Leben aus dem Baukasten: Die Vereinten Nationen warnen in einem Bericht ihres Umweltprogramms Unep vor fünf Umweltproblemen, die bislang unterschätzt werden.

Studie zum Energieverbrauch – Digitale Klimakiller: Handys, Tablets, Computer sowie Surfen, Streamen und Co steigern den Energieverbrauch immer stärker, wie eine neue Studie zeigt: „The energy consumption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is increasing by 9% every year. It is possible to limit this growth to 1.5% per year by moving to sober digital practices. The digital transition as it is currently implemented participates to global warming more than it helps preventing it. The need for action is therefore urgent.“

Climate change forces Arctic animals to shift feeding habits

South Korea plans artificial rain to reduce Seoul air pollution

The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It’s Sending People to Therapy Not sure what to make of this (rejected) paper about „deep adaption“ by a single (social) scientist, which basically is about the inevitable downfall of our civilization in the face of climate change. And edgy Vice-pieces surely don’t help.
However, it’s becoming so influential, it’s used in studies from established thinktanks about the climate crisis, so I guess it does have merit, which sucks.

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