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19. März 2019 22:30 | #Design #Graffiti #Spirograph

Futura 2000 was maybe the style-defining innovator in graffiti of the 80s, who then developed a style where he dropped a lot of “atom symbols” with his can, as seen in this painting from 2017.

Now Revok (Instagram) updated this particular graffiti-bit aesthetic and built himself a friggin’ graffiti spirograph! I WANT ONE! (He sells a bunch of originals thru Louis Bruhl from time to time but I won’t pay 4000 bucks for a spirographs because I may be stupid but not that stupid!)

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Cave man mark making in his cave.

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From an interview in Juxtapoz Mag:

The Spirograph paintings are another attempt to harness imperfections and chaos within a predetermined framework. I remember having a Spirograph when I was a kid and how exciting it was. I got my daughter a Spirograph and was really stoked by her reaction. I saw an opportunity to make something that had never been done before. I wanted to create these rhythmic, symmetrical, almost euphoric patterns that are associated with beauty, serenity and tranquility. Almost like this meditative, hallucinogenic, peaceful design, but composed as this really raw, aggressive, chaotic stroke that is spray paint. It’s a contradiction—something that’s associated with vandalism and chaos. It’s also a way of revisiting my past in an entirely different way.

These instruments brought graffiti back to my work, but I was still able to detach and remove my previous language from it. I really enjoy the idea of a limited mechanical process. I like early technology, like the printing press, for example. It’s a machine process, but there’s still a lot of human hand present within it, and, as a result, imperfections and flaws happen. With all my work, that’s the theme that’s playing out—I try to create a struggle of opposing forces and the unintended harmony that ultimately results. Proper tools will amplify or improve human work, but there is still a little bit of room for flexibility, unpredictability and chaos to happen within this predetermined structure and system. I think that all my different bodies of work play with that idea in one way or another.

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