ORF kickt Facebook, FB kickt White Nationalism, Automatisierter Influencer kickt Instagram [Meldungen Memetischer Synchronisationsleistungen #003]

28. März 2019 15:06 |

Identity expression of cognitive very able and political very engaged people is a problem: Lethal partisanship is taking us into dangerous territory: the most active voters — those notably “high in cognitive resources” — are the most willing to accept policy positions endorsed by their party, and they are doing so not out of principle, but to affirm their identity as a Democrat or Republican. They are expressing “the desire to reach conclusions that are consistent with a valued identity.” The authors call this process “identity expression” or a “tendency of partisans to adopt issue attitudes that are cued as party-consistent in the political information environment.”

I haven’t read David Perells 13k-Word-Essay about WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? yet, but I have read Cory Doctorows critique of it, saying that Perells blame on our Information-Environment is incomplete without mentioning economic and political inequalities.

ORF.at verabschiedet sich von Facebook. Anlass sind neben undurchschaubaren Algorithmen die zunehmende Emotionalität und Wut nach der Änderung des Newsfeeds Anfang 2018.

NYTimes: Facebook Announces New Policy to Ban White Nationalist Content FBNewsroom: Standing Against Hate: This is not a ban of “white pride”-crap, but a ban on explicitly “white separatism” (You can’t have “white nationalism” in a multiethnic nation like the US without separation. Good news: This is against everything the IB stands for, it’s against ethno pluralism (which is exactly that: separatism).

Identitären-Chef bekam offenbar Geld von Christchurch-Attentäter: Hausdurchsuchung beim österreichischen Identitären-Anführer Martin Sellner: Er hat offenbar eine Spende von dem Christchurch-Attentäter bekommen.
Österreichs Regierung prüft Auflösung der Identitären

Why subscribe to that publisher? I already pay for Apple News+” should be the question haunting journalists’ nightmares.

Being An Instagram Influencer Is Hard Work, So This Guy Made A Bot To Do It For Him. Dude automatically reposts lifestyle-shots of New York City and becomes an “Influencer”. “Curation” is automated too by Metadata and some Machine Learning.

Buetti, a data scientist by trade, decided to use his actual skills and automate the hard work of influencing by writing a program that recruited an audience of 25,000 (by autofollowing their accounts in hopes of getting a follow back), and reposted photographers’ eye-catching photos of New York City for his growing entourage to engage with (“😍🤗🤗🤗great shot💕,” one person commented). Poof: @beautiful.newyorkcity was born — an active, popular, and 100% artificial Instagram account. For Buetti, it’s the perfect solution if you don’t want to actually dedicate time to curating an online following, but still want to score free spaghetti from restaurants seeking publicity. His program even finds restaurant accounts in New York, and sends them direct messages offering to promote them to followers in exchange for a comped meal — and no, it does not disclose that @beautiful.newyorkcity is run by a robot.

Buetti isn’t stopping at @beautiful.newyorkcity either. He also cofounded Social Rise Consulting, which uses similar tactics to grow clients’ followings online (for now, that’s namely mass following accounts to get follow backs). So far, Social Rise has 42 clients, according to its website. It’s all part of Buetti’s portfolio of automation-related work; he considers the free food hustle a showcase for his talents as a data scientist, which he detailed in a Medium post.

Weaponising news: RT, Sputnik and targeted disinformation (PDF): This is the first comprehensive study of how RT and Sputnik sow confusion and division in the UK and beyond. It is based on an analysis of nearly 12,000 articles published in English by the two outlets and over 150,000 online articles by UK news outlets. The articles were collected between May and June 2017, and in March 2018, in the immediate aftermath of the Skripal poisoning.

The Paper about Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is out with unchanged results and there seems to be a subset of kids who report Gender Dysphoria because of emotional contagion via social media. I get why this paper is problematic, but it’s still a real phenomenon and virtue signaling by fake gender dysphoria is nothing I want to see as a result of technology, especially among kids, and I bet no activist wants that either. Also true: Greater tolerance on genderfluidity may cause this pattern.

I became interested in studying gender dysphoria when I observed, in my own community, an unusual pattern whereby teens from the same friend group began announcing transgender identities on social media, one after the other, on a scale that greatly exceeded expected numbers. I searched online and found several narratives of parents describing this type of pattern happening with their teen and young adult kids who had no history of gender dysphoria during their childhoods.

On Quillette and the Engaged Left: Engaged leftism differs from the kind of politics associated with the New Left in eschewing critical ironism and declaratory statements of opposition. Instead, it is characterized by a move towards understanding, argument and persuasion, approached in a spirit of civility. As such, we see it as a necessary task of the engaged left to grapple with conservative ideas and outlets, in order to advance the cause of progressivism by convincing non-leftists that leftist ideas have something to offer them.

‘Worse than doing time’: life on the wrong side of China’s social credit system

As one of 13 million officially designated “discredited individuals,” or laolai in Chinese, 47-year-old Kong is banned from spending on “luxuries,” whose definition includes air travel and fast trains.

This class of people, most of whom have shirked their debts, sit on a public database maintained by China’s Supreme Court. For them, daily life is a series of inflicted indignities – some big, some small – from not being able to rent a home in their own name, to being shunned by relatives and business associates.

In some places, telecoms companies even apply a special ringtone to the phone numbers of laolai as a warning.

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