Trailerfest: Midsommar, Rise of the Machine Girls, Into the Dark: Culture Shock, The Marker, Bad Trip, Dark/Web

22. Juni 2019 11:11 | #Film #Trailer

Neue Trailer zu Midsommar von Ari Aster (Hereditary), zum Reboot des japanischen Trash-Meisterwerks Rise of the Machine Girls, der neuesten spielfilmlangen Folge von Hulus Horror-Anthologieserie Into the Dark: Culture Shock, zum UK-Thriller The Marker, zum Jackass/Roadmovie-Mashup Bad Trip, sowie zu Amazons Technohorror-Serie Dark/Web.

In den News: Glenn Danzig hat einen Film gedreht und er ist anscheinend ganz große Scheiße, das Casting für Stephen Kings The Stand nimmt Formen an, Bruce der Hai wurde restauriert und Details zu allen Folgen der neuen Creepshow-Serie.


With their relationship in trouble, a young American couple travel to a fabled Swedish midsummer festival where a seemingly pastoral paradise transforms into a sinister, dread-soaked nightmare as the locals reveal their terrifying agenda.


• Glenn Danzig hat einen Film gedreht und er ist anscheinend ganz große Scheiße. Ich freu mich drauf! „Glenn Danzig’s Verotika is, by almost universal account, one of the most hilariously inept directorial debuts of all time.“

• Bruce (Der Weiße Hai) wurde restauriert, nachdem man ihn vor ein paar Jahren im Müll gefunden hatte: Original ‘Jaws’ Shark Fully Restored for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Here’s Who Is Being Eyed to Star in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ at CBS All Access

• Neues vom Serien-Reboot von Stephen Kings/George Romeros Creepshow: CREEPSHOW: Shudder Announces More Cast And All Twelve New Segments: „Tom Savini, who created special effects makeup for the film, will direct a segment adpated from a story by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill. Hill played ‘Billy’ in the wrap around segments of the original film, written by his dad. The series showrunner Greg Nicotero contributed make-up effects to Creepshow 2.“

All Hallows Eve: Even then they’re a little too old, this group of friends still want to trick-or-treat but getting candy isn’t all they are looking for.
Bad Wolf Down: A group of American soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines during World War II, finds an unconventional way to even the odds.
By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain: Her dad died looking for the monster living at the bottom of Lake Champlain, and now, will she?
The Companion: A young boy, bullied by his older brother, sneaks into an abandoned farm that is protected by a supernatural force.
The Finger: An unhappy man discovers a severed, inhuman appendage on the street and brings it home, where it grows into a loyal companion with some deadly quirks.
Gray Matter: Doc and Chief, two old-timers in a small, dying town, brave a storm to check on Richie, an alcoholic single father, after encountering his terrified son at the local convenience store. The story, first published in 1973, is part of King’s best-selling 1978 collection, Night Shift.
The House of the Head: Evie’s discovers her new dollhouse might be haunted.
Lydia Layne’s Better Half: A powerful woman denies a promotion to her protégée and lover but fails to anticipate the fallout.
The Man in the Suitcase: A college student brings the wrong bag home from the airport only to find a pretzeled man trapped inside, afflicted by a strange condition that turns his pain into gold.
Night of the Paw: A lonely mortician finds company in the ultimate ‘be careful what you wish for’ story.
Skincrawlers: A man considers a miraculous new treatment for weight loss that turns out to have unexpected complications.
Times is Tough in Musky Holler: Leaders who once controlled a town through fear and intimidation get a taste of their own medicine.

Rise of the Machine Girls (Bakuretsu mashin shôjo – bâsuto mashin gâru)

Long gone are the days of freedom. Preying on the weak and defenseless, the Dharma Family rules the town. It is now a time devoid of justice and order. Abandoned by their mother at a young age, Ami and her sister Yoshie scrape by doing fight shows for the Gotai Troupe. One night, while Ami is at night school, Yoshie carries out a surprise attack on the black market organ organization run by the evil Dharma Family. Unexpectedly, Yoshie is met by the Battle Bust Sisters – female killing machines designed by Dharma Aoyama – and is captured. Hearing of this, Ami rushes to her sister’s rescue. Outmatched, Ami has an arm ruthlessly severed off by Dharma Aoyama before being dumped unconscious in the street. Hours later, Ami awakes more determined than ever to get her sister back.

Defying excruciating pain, she attaches a machine gun to the stump of her left arm and charges into the enemy’s lair only to find that she is too late: Yoshie has been transformed into a human cyborg programmed to kill her! Worse still, Dharma Aoyama has enlisted the talents of Kikyo, the deadliest of assassins. As they face off, the battle escalates into out-and-out war! Will Ami find a way to bring her sister back?

Into the Dark: Culture Shock

Told in Spanish and English, this thriller follows a young Mexican woman in pursuit of the American Dream, who crosses illegally into the United States, only to find herself in an American nightmare. The next installment of Blumhouse’s Into the Dark premieres July 4, only on Hulu.

The Marker

In The Marker, A criminal (Frederick Schmidt) seeks redemption by connecting with the daughter of the woman he killed. Along the way he is haunted by his guilt in the guise of the woman’s ghost.

Bad Trip

Bad Trip follows two best friends on a cross-country road trip full of hilarious, inventive pranks, pulling its real-life audience into the mayhem. The film is directed by Kitao Sakurai (Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show) and produced by Andre, David Bernad (The Mule, NBC’s Superstore), Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Zombieland) and Tremaine.


A genius programmer’s mysterious disappearance leads to the reunion of old friends and the discovery that the strange stories she left behind may point to an impending technological crisis. Dark/Web follows a group of young adults navigating a near future where everything’s online and everyone’s connected, whether they like it or not.

Starring Sibongile Mlambo (Netflix’s Lost in Space), Nicholas Brendan (Buffy), Clare Kramer (Buffy), Robert Davi (The Goonies), Lana McKissack (Transformers), Michael Nardelli (Circle), Noemi Gonzalez (Paranormal Activity).

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