[Links 31.7.2019] Folk-Horror als Metapher einer invertierten Aufklärung; Pillen für Klarträume; Salman Rushdies Don Quixote

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Tokyo subway’s humble duct-tape typographer: Tokyo’s cavernous train stations seem to be permanent construction zones. There is always some part or another shrouded in white sheets and skirted by a maze of endlessly shifting temporary paths. Walk the bowels of these stations long enough and you may come across Shuetsu Sato 佐藤修悦. Sixty-five year old Sato san wears a crisp canary yellow uniform, reflective vest and polished white helmet. His job is to guide rush hour commuters through confusing and hazardous construction areas. When Sato san realised he needed more than his megaphone to perform this duty, he took it upon himself to make some temporary signage. With a few rolls of of duct tape and a craft knife, he has elevated the humble worksite sign to an art form.

• Salman Rushdie schreibt eine Don Quixotte-Adaption: Salman Rushdie puts a playful spin on Don Quixote in his new novel, ‘Quichotte’: „Inspired by Cervantes’s Don Quixote, the novel portrays an elderly traveling salesman “deranged by reality television” who falls in love with the host of a daytime talk show whom he has never met. As Quichotte (the name he takes in letters to his beloved) travels across the country to meet Miss Salma R, a parallel plot concerns the writer who created him; these twin story lines eventually converge in a fantastical ending that tips its hat to some of the science fiction tales Rushdie loved as a boy.“

The Case against Reality: A new theory argues consciousness creates neural activity, and humans have evolved to see what is needed for survival. Perception, it is argued, is a user interface which may not necessarily be real.

• Edward Millar und John Semley über Folk-Horror als Metapher auf das Versagen der Aufklärung: Children of the Wicker Man:

at its core, folk horror is speculative fiction about the failures of the Age of Enlightenment. In Tentacles Longer than the Night, Eugene Thacker explains how the universal maxims of Enlightenment thinkers are conditional. Kant’s categorical imperative requires one to act “as if” the values dictating their actions are universally valid. In supernatural horror, the conditions of this logic are violated by the appearance of some entity that threatens the anthropocentric view of the world, evoking terror from the knowledge that Enlightenment rationality is bumping up against its limit.

Folk horror, by contrast, inverts rather than negates Enlightenment philosophy: the mob sacrifices the individual, peasant superstitions supplant science and reason as the true source of knowledge, a holistic and animistic conception of the universe overtakes an atomistic and mechanistic one. The genre presents a return of these things that had to be repressed in the transition towards a rational, individualistic, and ultimately capitalist social order: witchcraft, female empowerment, sexuality, and an organismic, earth-based conception of the universe.

Forscher haben ein Neural Network auf die Gehirnwellen von Probanden trainiert, als sie bestimmte Sätze aussprachen. Dann haben sie dieselben Sätze aus den Hirnwellen abgelesen, ohne dass die Probanden diese ausgesprochen haben. Es ist vorstellbar, dass man in Zukunft eine App auf die eigenen Hirnsignale trainiert und schließlich in der Lage ist, seine Gedanken on the fly schriftlich festzuhalten.

Writing a lunar lander game for an actual lunar lander

The Aesthetic Beauty of Math

• Red and Blue Pill is a nice touch: Looking to Have a Lucid Dream? There’s a Pill for That.

• Ein japanischer Forscher will eine menschliche Bauchspeicheldrüse in einer Ratte züchten: Japan erlaubt Geburt von Mischwesen aus Mensch und Tier: Forscher wollen Ersatzorgane für den Menschen in Tieren züchten. Nun erlaubt Japan das erste Experiment, bei dem Chimären bis zur Geburt heranwachsen dürfen.

Funny piece about Mark Fishers Acid Communism. As every ex-hippie with knowledge about history can tell, the hippie movement largely turned into the elitist and hyperindividual consumerism starting with the coke-filled parties in the 70s. Punks then got it right (with their DIY-attitude), but that’s another story. Where’s the localized punk capitalism based on classic anarchy?

The Acid Communist movement has helped me view my politics as part of a historical lineage, not a misappropriation of serious Leftism. It’s helped me embrace the idea that if the experience of tripping had a message for society at large — if it aspired beyond the self-indulgence embodied in Timothy Leary’s “turn on, tune in, drop out” — it would threaten the very basis of capital. While the economic virtue of individualism rules over the modern psyche, any dedicated hippie will tell you that hallucinogens offer quite the opposite. These substances tend to break the flow of self-directed thought patterns, leading to a sense of unity with one’s environment. This state of mind is inherently communal and collectivist, and because of that, it’s easy to see how it could heighten sensitivity to political concerns. This is the connection that Fisher was to expound upon in his new book. We can now only speculate on what he might have said.

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