Trailerfest: American Horror Story 1984, Lucy in the Sky, Marianne, Briarpatch, Psychosia

27. August 2019 14:17 | #Film #Serie #Trailer

Neue Trailer zum Astronauten-Psychodrama Lucy in the Sky mit Natalie Portman, zum französischen Hexen-Horror Marianne, zum dänischen Psychothriller Psychosia, zur amüsant aussehenden schwarzen Crime-Comedy Briarpatch, sowie gleich zwei neue Teaser zur neunten 80s-Slasher-Staffel von American Horror Story, dazu noch ein paar Poster aus der bislang für Slasher-Kenner herausragenden Marketing-Kampagne mit jeder Menge Easter-Eggs aus 80s-Klassikern von Sleepaway Camp bis The Burning.

In den News die dringensten Meldungen der Disney-Expo D23, vor allem Ankündigungen für Disney+ (Ms. Marvel, WandaVision, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Obi-Wan), Black Panther 2 und Simpson-Spinoffs.

American Horror Story 1984

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres Wednesday September 18th on FX. Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, and Matthew Morrison star in this season, a take on 80’s slasher horror films.


MS. MARVEL Series Coming To Disney+: Disney and Marvel are developing a Ms. Marvel series for the streaming platform. Bisha K. Ali, who recently worked as a staff writer on Mindy Kaling and Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral series, has reportedly signed on as showrunner and writer for the series.

WANDAVISION Announces Returning MCU Characters, New Details: As previously teased by Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch) herself, the series will have a distinctively… quirky tone akin to a 1950s television sitcom. During tonight’s big Disney+ panel at D23, Marvel revealed some exciting new details about the series, which is inspired in part by The Dick Van Dyke Show. Randall Park will reprise his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo, with Kat Dennings also returning as fan-favorite Darcy (mew-mew!) from the Thor movies. But the wildest news had to be that her royal acting highness Kathryn Hahn has also joined the series, playing Wanda’s “nosy neighbor.”

Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT And SHE-HULK Are Coming To Disney+. No details, just awesome.

‘The Simpsons’ Producers Talk Potential Disney Spinoffs, Confirm Apu Will Remain: The assembled “Simpsons” gang addressed the ever-present question of a second movie outing for the characters, with executive producer Al Jean teasing that they “have talked about it” with Disney, as well as ideas for potential spinoff series.

Wakanda Forever: BLACK PANTHER II Is Officially Official: Black Panther II will come out May 6, 2022.

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Ewan McGregor Disney+ Series Shooting Next Year, All Scripts Ready: Lucusfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy made it official to fans today that an Obi-Wan series is coming to Disney+. She brought Ewan McGregor on stage, who begged the question to the room: “Ask me if I’m going to play Obi-Wan,” a question he has received backstage at awards shows and from reporter phone calls. “We have all the scripts written, and we’re ready to go next year, we can’t wait to start production,” said Kennedy.

Lucy in the Sky

In LUCY IN THE SKY, Natalie Portman plays Lucy Cola, a strong woman whose determination and drive as an astronaut take her to space, where she’s deeply moved by the transcendent experience of seeing her life from afar. Back home as Lucy’s world suddenly feels too small, her connection with reality slowly unravels.


When a novelist realizes her terrifying stories are coming true, she returns to her hometown to face the demons from her past that inspire her writing.


BRIARPATCH follows Allegra Dill (Dawson), a dogged investigator returning to her border-town Texas home after her sister is murdered. What begins as a search for a killer turns into an all-consuming fight to bring her corrupt hometown to its knees.


Viktoria is an extraordinarily self-disciplined researcher investigating the subject of suicide. She is invited to a psychiatric ward to help treat Jenny, a suicidal patient who has resisted all previous forms of treatment. Through intimate, nightly conversations, they slowly form a tight bond. For the first time in her life Viktoria gradually opens up to experience closeness with another person. But the closer the two women get, the more apparent it becomes that things are not what they seem…

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