[Memetik-Links 29.8.2019] Wandel der Debattenkultur in sozialen Medien; Dirk Baecker: Digitalisierung und die nächste Gesellschaft; Die siebte Sprachfunktion

Where’s the anger on Facebook these days? A lot of it is on far-left sites: Arash Barfar of the University of Nevada, Reno, analyzed comments on political Facebook posts and found that posts on hyperpartisan Facebook pages received “significantly less analytic responses from Facebook followers” than mainstream news sites did, with “greater anger and incivility” appearing in the comments on far-left sites.

Rene DiResta: „The internet is basically a series of factions competing for amplification from algorithms at this point. Pump up your guy, downrank theirs. Coordinate for an algorithmic boost or trend where possible. Marketing by way of manufactured consensus.“ –> ANGRY FANS KEEP WRECKING PODCASTS WITH ONE-STAR REVIEWS

• Konrad Adenauer Stiftung: Wandel der Sprach- und Debattenkultur in sozialen Online-Medien – Ein Literaturüberblick zu Ursachen und Wirkungen von inziviler Kommunikation

• Vortrag: Dirk Baecker: Digitalisierung und die nächste Gesellschaft

• Spektrum der Wissenschaft: Verursacht Sprache wirklich Gewalt? In Laurent Binets satirischem Roman »Die siebte Sprachfunktion« von 2015 kreist die Handlung um eine geheimnisvolle Eigenschaft von Sprache, deren Beherrschung einem Menschen uneingeschränkte rhetorische Macht über andere Menschen verleiht. Neben den bekannten sechs Funktionen von Sprache, die Roman Jakobson 1960 in seinem Kommunikationsmodell beschrieben hat, ist die siebte Funktion nur einem kleinen Kreis von Eingeweihten zugänglich. Das macht sie so begehrt, dass Menschen dafür reihenweise Morde begehen.

• Realistisches Szenario memetischer Kriegsführung mit Virals, Hacking und Deepfakes: What Cyber-War Will Look Like.

Sailors stationed at the 7th Fleet’ s homeport in Japan awoke one day to find their financial accounts, and those of their dependents, empty. Checking, savings, retirement funds: simply gone. The Marines based on Okinawa were under virtual siege by the populace, whose simmering resentment at their presence had boiled over after a YouTube video posted under the account of a Marine stationed there had gone viral. The video featured a dozen Marines drunkenly gang-raping two teenaged Okinawan girls. The video was vivid, the girls’ cries heart-wrenching the cheers of Marines sickening And all of it fake. The National Security Agency’s initial analysis of the video had uncovered digital fingerprints showing that it was a computer-assisted lie, and could prove that the Marine’s account under which it had been posted was hacked. But the damage had been done.

There was the commanding officer of Edwards Air Force Base whose Internet browser history had been posted on the squadron’s Facebook page. His command turned on him as a pervert; his weak protestations that he had not visited most of the posted links could not counter his admission that he had, in fact, trafficked some of them. Lies mixed with the truth. Soldiers at Fort Sill were at each other’s throats thanks to a series of text messages that allegedly unearthed an adultery ring on base.

The variations elsewhere were endless. Marines suddenly owed hundreds of thousands of dollars on credit lines they had never opened; sailors received death threats on their Twitter feeds; spouses and female service members had private pictures of themselves plastered across the Internet; older service members received notifications about cancerous conditions discovered in their latest physical.

Leadership was not exempt. Under the hashtag # PACOMMUSTGO a dozen women allegedly described harassment by the commander of Pacific command. Editorial writers demanded that, under the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, he step aside while Congress held hearings.
There was not an American service member or dependent whose life had not been digitally turned upside down. In response, the secretary had declared “an operational pause,” directing units to stand down until things were sorted out.

Then, China had made its move, flooding the South China Sea with its conventional forces, enforcing a sea and air identification zone there, and blockading Taiwan. But the secretary could only respond weakly with a few air patrols and diversions of ships already at sea. Word was coming in through back channels that the Taiwanese government, suddenly stripped of its most ardent defender, was already considering capitulation.

The machine always wins: what drives our addiction to social media: Social media was supposed to liberate us, but for many people it has proved addictive, punishing and toxic. What keeps us hooked?

Why does 8chan exist at all? Because 1 asshole wants to.

• Good riddance: Youtube nimmt Identitären-Chef Sellner den Videokanal weg.

Im Mülleimer des Internets: Faschistische Memes, dauer-ironische Influencer und echter Hass

Selbstkritische Verteidigung linker Identitätspolitik, die die Widersprüchlichkeit in der eigenen Ideologie anerkennt. Kann man so stehen lassen, aber überzeugt bin ich nicht.

Identity Politics Versus Independent Thinking: Tocqueville stressed the importance of preserving, within the larger democratic order, islands of culture devoted to the undemocratic values of excellence and truth. These could be, he thought, enclaves for protecting the independence of mind that a democracy like ours especially needs. Today our colleges and universities are doing a poor job of meeting this need, and the idea of diversity is at least partly to blame.

Why Reddit Is Losing Its Battle with Online Hate: Nithayanand believes that if Reddit consistently banned all communities violating its policies, the company would make it harder for the site’s worst users to find new homes and keep spreading bigoted, homophobic, and sexist messages, promoting violence, and otherwise break Reddit’s rules. This would be a significant change from Reddit’s usual practice of taking action, if at all, on communities at inconsistent points in their evolution. Paper (PDF): To Act or React? Investigating Proactive Strategies For Online Community Moderation

Reddit, with wigs and ink: The first newspapers contained not high-minded journalism but hundreds of readers’ letters exchanging news with one another.

In The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere (1962), Jürgen Habermas argued that print enabled the establishment of an arena of public debate. Print first made it possible for average people to come together to discuss matters of public concern. In turn, their knowledge and cooperation undermined the control that traditional royal and religious powers had over information. Habermas pointed to the early 18th century as a crucial moment of change. At that time, newspapers and periodicals exploded in both number and influence. ‘In The Tatler, The Spectator and The Guardian the public held a mirror up to itself,’ Habermas noted of the impact of a trio of periodicals by the journalists Joseph Addison and Richard Steele. The new publications allowed readers to shed their personal identities as rich or poor, male or female. Instead, in print they could enter into conversation as anonymous equals rationally engaging with the topics of the day.

What exactly is The Epoch Times? And why should you care? Here are a few reasons, from the NBC report:

– it’s the biggest spender (aside from Trump’s own campaign) on pro-Trump Facebook ads – more than $1.5 million in the last six months
– it has one of the biggest social media followings of any news outlet – in April, its videos combined for around 3 billion views on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
– it is closely tied to Falun Gong, a Chinese spiritual community with the stated goal of taking down China’s government, and whose founder “has railed against what he called the wickedness of homosexuality, feminism and popular music while holding that he is a god-like figure who can levitate and walk through walls”
– it sees Trump as a key ally and has become a favorite of the Trump family – Trump’s Facebook page has posted Epoch Times content and Donald Trump Jr. has tweeted several of their stories too
– its network of news sites and YouTube channels has made it a powerful conduit for the internet’s fringier conspiracy theories, including anti-vaccination propaganda and QAnon – the overarching theory that there is an evil cabal of “deep state” operators and child predators out to take down the president – to reach the mainstream
– it “sees communism everywhere: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, movie star Jackie Chan and former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan were all considered to have sold themselves out to the Chinese government”, according to Ben Hurley, a former Falun Gong practitioner who helped create Australia’s English version of The Epoch Times before leaving in 2013
– “It is so rabidly pro-Trump,” Hurley said, referring to The Epoch Times. Devout practitioners of Falun Gong “believe that Trump was sent by heaven to destroy the Communist Party.”

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