[Links 11.10.2019] Hong Kong Protest-Art; Zebra-Kühe; Wissenschaftler implantieren synthetische Erinnerungen in Finken

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• Synthetic Space Meat! Space Beef Is Here and It’s Beef, But in Space: Aleph Farms announced on Monday that it had successfully grown a small piece of meat on the International Space Station.

Rotten.com Library: Old Internet users will remember Rotten.com. I didn’t much care for the main site, but I enjoyed their writeups in the ‘Rotten Library’ section. The website has been offline for years now and shows no sign of coming back, so I have put up a mirror of the Rotten Library.

• Die Inuit haben ein neues Schriftsystem eingeführt, das ihre 9 unterschiedlichen Schriftweisen zunächst ergänzen soll: National Inuit org approves new unified writing system.

A Women’s Place is in The Resistance – a #HongKong protest art thread

Scientists implant “memories” into bird brains to teach them songs they’ve never heard

scientists manipulated the connection between the part of the brain that processes what the animal hears, and the part that controls the vocal “motor.” In effect, they were creating auditory memories that would normally be coming from outside, and the bird would naturally try to mimic the signals. […] They managed this using optogenetics, a technique where flashes of light are used to stimulate certain neurons in the brain. […]

The researchers used a kind of Morse code to teach the finches how long syllables of the song should be. Longer pulses of light told them to sing longer syllables, and vice versa. And sure enough, the birds eventually learned to sing along, even though they’d never been taught by an adult finch.

Cows painted like zebras can fend off flies better than their plain-coated counterparts

• In the paper ChipGAN: A Generative Adversarial Network for Chinese Ink Wash Painting Style Transfer, a team of researchers from Peking University and Tsinghua University propose an end-to-end GAN-based architecture that can transfer input photos into the style of Chinese ink wash paintings.

Oil is a manifestation of lovecraftian horror:

• naturally occurring, yet has a scent incomparable to any other natural substance
• pitch black liquid
• kills anything it touches
• using it to make anything kills everything it DOESN’T touch, but very slowly
• inexplicably addictive to the money-poisoned
• Is the cause of the mass extinction event we’re currently experiencing, and that 95% of people are completely unaware of or outright deny.

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Siggraph 2019: Frisch gebackenes Brot, Algo-Würfelköpfe, realistische CGI-Pasta und Style Transfer für Rauch

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The SpongeBob Movietrailer

GPT-2 trainiert auf SVG-XML erzeugt AI-Fonts und seltsame Emoji