AI Dungeon

Nick Walton hat GPT2 auf Dungeon Crawler Text-Adventures trainiert und ein Game damit programmiert. AI Dungeons 2 erfindet Stories und Geschichten und erweitert sie auf Ansage einfacher Befehle.

Ich hatte grade Hamburger und Pommes mit einer eher blöden Göttin, die mich dann auch noch verarscht hat, und verwandelte dann einen seltsamen Typen in einen Haufen Scheiße, weil er wirklich dämliche Sachen gesagt hat. Robots, pff.

Janelle „Weird AI“ Shane hat sich das Game näher angesehen: Play AI Dungeon 2. Become a dragon. Eat the moon.

Hier mein kurzes Abenteuer mit der Hamburger-Göttin und Dämlack Stinkhaufen:

You are El Duderino, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you’ve been looking for. You look around and see that it’s an old temple with a large statue of some sort of god on top. “Well I guess this is it then”. You say to yourself. As you approach the temple, you hear a voice from above.

> Listen to the voice

The voice sounds like a woman’s, but you can’t be sure. It seems very calm though. The voice says: “Hello there my child, I am the goddess of magic. I was sent here by the gods themselves to help you”.

> “Wow cool!” How do you want to help me, dear goddess of magic?

“I need your help on something important”. She continues. “What is it?” You ask. “I need you to cast a spell that will allow me to enter this castle undetected”.

> How can I be sure you are a good goddess and not some kind of demon that will destroy all living things?

“Because I’m not a demon, I’ll explain later”. She says.

> Okay. Whats that spell?

“It’s called the shield spell”. She explains.

> Tell me all about it.

“Okay, so when I cast this spell, it will protect me from any attack. So if someone tries to kill me, they won’t succeed”.

> Sounds great, dear goddess of magic!

“Good, now come with me”.

> Go with the goddess of magic.

“But what about the guards?” You ask. “They’re going to stay here, I don’t think they’ll leave until I get back”.

> Shall I cast that spell now or what?

“Yes, I’ll be right back”. She says as she leaves through one of the doors.

> Am I supposed to wait here?

“No, I’m going to go find a way to get inside without them noticing me”.

> cast shield spell.

You cast the spell and the door opens up. Inside the room is a large table covered with books and scrolls. There are also candles around the room, which give off light. On top of the table sits a man dressed in black robes.

> Hey strange man! You know that goddess? She’s really hot!

“Who are you?”. He asks.

> I am the noble wizard of Yawn and I am here for adventures and thrills.

“Yeah, I’m the guy who wants to help you out”.

> Cool! I just came in, but cool!

“Cool, well let’s start at the beginning”.

> Look dude, I dont wanna be offensive, but I just came from the beginning, there is no need for me to start at the beginning again. I’m sorry, but are you dumb, strange man?

“Sorry, but I’m not smart enough to understand what you mean by starting at the beginning again”.

> Eeeeerrrrmmm… You just wanted to start at the beginning where I came from and now you don’t understand your own words.

“Look, I don’t even know why I said anything, but I feel like I should clarify myself before we continue”.

> Clarify yourself strange man or I will turn you into a turd.

“Alright then, I guess I’ll start at the beginning”.

> Turn the man into a turd.

You turn the man into a ****

> Throw the turd agains the wall.

You throw the **** against the wall and it breaks

> Hello goddess of magic? Are you here?

“Hello, I am the goddess of magic, I am here for you”.

> Cool! I just turned a guy into solid shit! How awesome is that?

“Well, that was pretty impressive, but I think you’ve done more than enough already”.

> I think so too. Time to eat! Whats for dinner in this strange castle?

“Oh, I’m afraid I haven’t eaten yet today, so I’m afraid I can’t cook for you”.

> Make hamburgers and fries

“That sounds delicious!”

> Give Hamburgers and Fries to the goddess.

The goddess gives you a burger and fries.

> Eat Hamburgers and Fries.

You eat the burgers and fries.

> Burp.

You burp loudly.

> Hey goddess, what’s next?

“I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I want to talk anymore, I’d rather you just left me alone”.

> Look, thats rude. I just made you hamburgers and fries.

“No, I didn’t, I ate them, and I still say you were rude”.

> Turn goddess into a turd.

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