[Links 02.03.2020] Japanese Ahegao-Face; Color Out Of Space-Lama als Actionfigur; Interview mit David Cronenberg

2. März 2020 14:24 | #Links

  • How Censorship Created Porn’s New Face of Pleasure: Japanese censorship forced ahegao into the world, and it’s become a global internet phenomenon.

    In her highly influential 1989 book Hard Core, film and pornography scholar Linda Williams explored the idea that a woman’s orgasm is invisible: that for men, in porn at least, you can rarely deny that they’re cumming. There’s jizz everywhere. For many adult films, that’s the whole point: the “money shot.” But for onlookers, evidence of a woman’s orgasm isn’t in the genitals. It’s in the sounds she makes, or the movement of the rest of her body, or especially, her eyes and face. It’s a lot harder for a penis-haver to fake a mind-blowing orgasm than it is for a woman. In ahegao, the idea is that the experience is beyond fakery: she’s cumming so hard that she’s lost all control of her face.

    “In Japanese adult video as in manga, there is an art to expressions of pleasure on the face, and ahegao works as the displaced climax, or the loss of self and mind in moment of overwhelming pleasure,” Patrick Galbraith, professor at Senshu University in Tokyo, told me. Ahegao is an example of Williams’ expressions of female orgasm, he said.

    Thomas Baudinette, lecturer in Japanese Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, told me that ahegao may have its earliest origins in late 1990s or early 2000s Eromanga, pornographic magazines for heterosexual male audiences. From there, it’s spread in Western culture—but its roots are in erotic artists’ workarounds for strict censorship laws.

  • Die Lamas aus Color out of Space als Actionfigur
  • McSweeneys Remix der Gesichtsbehaarungsberatung der amerikanischen Gesundheitsbehörde. „No one has this“ applies to all of them except Hangover.
  • Ein tragbares Haus für Igel
  • Will Cultured Meat Soon Be A Common Sight In Supermarkets Across The Globe? I’m no vegetarian by any stretch of imagination, but 1. meat has to go in the long run due to ethical and economical/environmental reasons and 2. it tastes good, so fuck meat but 3. I still love Schnitzel.
  • David Cronenberg Isn’t Finished With Film Yet
  • Scientists save toads from extinction by barking at them like dogs to make them pee: „Extracting semen from toads that measure up to 4.5 inches (11 centimeters) long is normally easy: they release it in their urine, and they usually pee whenever they’re picked up, Barber said. But for those toads that did not pee, another tactic was used. ‘It’s kind of weird, but if you hold them in your hand and look at them and bark at them like a dog, they will pee’, she said.“
  • Ancient ‘megasites’ may reshape the history of the first cities – Ausgrabungen in Nebelivka in der Ukraine legen nahe, dass die Wurzeln der Entwicklung der Großstadt nicht in streng hierarchisch geprägten Städten wie Mesopotamien liegt, sondern vielmehr in sogenannten Megasites, in denen mehrere tausend Menschen lose zusammenlebten, ihre Güter teilten und nur rudimentäre „Regierungen“ mit flachen Hierarchien installierten.

    No signs of a centralized government, a ruling dynasty, or wealth or social class disparities appear in the ancient settlement, the researchers say. Houses were largely alike in size and design. Excavations yielded few prestige goods, such as copper items and shell ornaments. Many examples of painted pottery and clay figurines typical of Trypillia culture turned up, and more than 6,300 animal bones unearthed at the site suggest residents ate a lot of beef and lamb. Those clues suggest daily life was much the same across Nebelivka’s various neighborhoods and quarters.

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