Jeff Bezos und Elon Musk im Star Trek-Pilot „The Cage“

Worst Toilet in Middle-Earth

Poppytrump is not in a Cult

Extrapolating Deepfakes – Rendering the Truth

Dior Mr.Bean’d

Planet of the Fakes

Not-Tom Cruise talks to Not-Robert Downey Jr and Not-George Lucas while Not-Jeff Goldblum is weird and Not-Ewan McGregor totally excited about everything

Star Wars Deepfakes

In Event Of Moon Disaster: Deepfake-Nixon und die toten Astronauten auf dem Mond

You’re useless, CTRL Shift Face! The only thing that pulls its weight around here are the goddamn X-Files!

Tony Montana is Taxi Driver

Will Smith is Neo in The Matrix

Tom Cruise reviews Huey and the News 1983 Album Sports with which I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically, while killing Christian Bale with an Axe

[Fakelinks 29.8.2019] Jim Carrey is Alison Brie; Deepfakes in Echtzeit; Vice Mag über Jordan Petersons Fake-Stimme

Freddie Mercury is Mr. Robot

2O21: A SpaceX Odyssey

[Fakelinks 8.8.2019] This Video does not exist; YouPorns erste virtuelle Porno-Darstellerin; Manipulation von Aktienkursen durch Deepfakes

Tom Cruise is American Psycho

[Fakelinks 31.7.2019] Fake-Account manipuliert Frankfurt-Debatte; NYTimes arbeitet an Authentizitäts-Metadaten in einer Blockchain; die meisten Klimawandel-Video auf YT widersprechen wissenschaftlichem Konsens

Be Water, Keanu!